NÜ/女 is Chinese for female. In English, it is a homonym for the word “new”. Project NÜ promotes creative, experimental, forward-thinking women who shape their concept of the female into something new – into what she believes and what she wants.

NÜ women not only treat others the way they want to be treated, but also treat their own selves — mind, body and soul — the way they deserve to be treated. NÜ women enjoy quality because they believe they are quality.

Project NÜ is not only a showcase of high-quality, active living elevated by excellent athletic-wear, but also of a mindful life nourished by quiet contemplation and self-love.

NU/女 中文表示女性。在英语中,它的一个谐音为“新”字。项目NU崇尚创新,实验性,前瞻性的女性:她们的理念将融入到新的她们自己想要的东西。



The project belongs to Shay, also known as Zhi Yan and Ji An. A restless girl from Los Angeles with a big heart and a desire to travel all of China and the world, I hope to use this blog to practice my Chinese and share my love for wandering, sweating and smiling.

“NÜ” 的含义是女人. 在英语中,“NÜ” 同音的 “NEW” 字或“新”。”Project NÜ” 促进谁塑造他们的女性气质的概念融入新的东西有创意,有远见的女人 – 她塑造了她自己的信仰和自己的欲望.

“NÜ” 女人不仅待人他们想被对待的方式,同时也把自己 – 头脑,身体和灵魂 – 她值得被对待的方式。”NÙ” 女人品质的享受,因为他们的品质。

“Project NÜ” 不仅展示了高品质,通过出色的运动磨损高架积极的生活方式,而是一种生活铭记由安静的沉思和自爱的滋养也。

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