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Dressing Well to Sweat

NÜ Talk: trying to be cute + yoga pants for every budget

July 29, 2015

pants: teeki

People ask all the time: “Why do women need to look good when they workout? – to look sexy?”, emphasize the “sexy” disapprovingly.

Well, first off, there is no need, it’s a choice. And secondly, if it’s a choice that make them happy and harms no one else, why not?

My thought is simple:


In my case, wearing cute gear makes sweating more fun. Most of my workouts are in a hot, dark, steamy yoga studio. No one sees me. I don’t see them. We’re all focused on ourselves, on our breath – so why make the effort?
Well, wearing workout clothes that make me feel comfortable makes me feel confident — it’s that simple.

Putting on cute leggings and a cute sports bra is an acknowledgement that yes, my sweat will render my clothes unrecognizable and yes, my hair will twist into greasy strings and yes, my face will turn red, red, red, but that above all, exercising my body is a treat and a privilege.

That being said, the only things one needs to work out are: motivation, proper nutrition, hydration and good form. But as we all know, motivation comes in many forms whether it be a post-workout smoothie, improved health and strength, runner’s high or that glimpse of your butt in those extra-lifting yoga pants.

Find your motivation where you may.

teeki splits2

List of cute and quality brands/websites by pricing:


Carbon38– Michi, ALALA, Heroine etc.; sexy, upscale — wonderfully curated selection of higher end brands.

Lululemon – made in Canada & China; signature LUON fabric; bona fide “yoga pants for your butt”

Free People (Movement) – gorgeous in-house brand as well as a curated selection of brands including Onzie.


Kira Grace – gorgeous dance & yoga, all made in the USA ($$ and a half)

Teeki – fun, lightweight pants perfectly suited for hot yoga. all made of recycled water bottles — their fabric is really something else, highly recommended!

Mika – hot yoga, swim wear – gorgeous sports bras!!!

Flexi-Lexi – adorable, can be reasonably priced to expensive; ships from Thailand with flat $15 charge.

Gap – in-house brand that is comfortable, cute & functional

Yogaoutlet.com – outlet pricing on brands like Onzie, Teeki, Beyond Yoga!

6pm.com – outlet pricing on SO many brands like Nike, Under Armour, New Balance; also great to buy gear like bags and shoes.


Forever 21 – in-house line, cute and functional and very low-priced!

Old Navy – quality and style at low, low prices.

UNIQLO – NEW “airism” line is pretty amazing, I have a few shirts and tried their leggings; the “air” part of airism really lives up. As you can expect with Uniqlo, quality is great as well. Not too many sports bras and the like, but great shirts, tank tops, tank tops with sports bras and pants thus far. Also a great place for parkas and post-workout jackets of super awesome quality.

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    i will never ask why if girls dress cute when they workout, lel

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